Anxiety makes you tell bad stories

Do you identify as “having anxiety”?

If so, you’re probably in the habit of telling long, convoluted stories about why things are the way they are, and about why you’re afraid to do things, and about why other people are wrong for having done what they’ve done.

I hate reading those stories.

They’re too long.

Stories don’t need to be long to make a point. Usually, the point is pointless anyway.

Don’t take your stories so seriously.

Learn to meditate.

(it will help you see stories as stories, so you can stop defining yourself by the story and get on with your life and do the thing you were trying to do before your ex-boyfriend became a jerk and started calling you in the middle of the night and you got anxiety and had to write 10 paragraphs about it on facebook when you could have just shut your phone off and gone back to sleep.)

You can do it here.



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