Mindful Piano Basics

1 Module 4 Chapters 13 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Rethink the basics of piano playing by using mindfulness. Learn classical piano, sight-reading, and improvisation. Welcome to Mindful Piano Basics!

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Course Structure

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4 Chapters

Module 1: Making Music

Discover the basics of music, and the technical approach that we will be using in this course.

Module 1 Introduction 1 Lesson

Goal Statement for Module 1

An overview of what we'll achieve in Module 1.

Chapter 1: Getting Started 4 Lessons

Getting to Know Yourself

Learning to play a musical instrument takes time. Make sure you get off on the right foot by examining your motivations.

Tools and Materials

What kind of piano do you have? Learn about my recommendations for tools and materials.

Sitting Down at the Piano

Developing an awareness of your posture at the piano will make life much easier for you in the long run.


Improvisation is the fastest way to create a real connection to the piano, regardless of your experience level.

Chapter 2: Music Theory 5 Lessons

The Most Important Element of Music

The one thing you must always focus on while playing music. This is the difference between playing music, and...not.


Rhythm doesn't have to be difficult, if you focus on what really matters.

Notes and Pitches

When you understand why a scale is built the way it is, your music will come alive.

How Music is Put Together

A crash course in musical form and harmony. Only the essentials.

How to Read a Musical Score

What you must absolutely understand about reading music.

Chapter 3: Piano Technique Made Simple 3 Lessons

Piano Technique

How to get your body working with the piano, not against it.

Piano Technique, Part 2

Playing more advanced rhythms.

Piano Technique, Part 3

How to play rests. Looking at a real classical piece: Prelude in C Major, by J.S. Bach.