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No Problem is an online meditation course that will work better than everything else you’ve tried (don’t lie to me: I know it’s a long list)

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It's dangerous to go alone! Read this first.

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Follow Your breath

The breath is your best teacher about how the body and mind interact. This is the key to understanding why you feel restless when you sit.

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Body Scan

Important wisdom is hidden all around the body. You need to explore the whole thing and learn to connect the dots.

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Most attempts to relax produce the opposite effect. Learn why, and what to do about it.

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Let Yourself Move

Rigidly trying to control the body is the cause of a lot of antsiness. We'll practice letting go of that habit. This will give you freedom and ease.

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Just Sitting

When you feel agitated for no reason, it's because you haven't practiced just sitting. We're going to do that.

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BONUS: Time Travel

This is way cooler than it sounds.