I'll show you how to play Für Elise (even if you've never touched a piano)

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Für Elise by Beethoven is one of the most famous classical piano songs, and for good reason. It's romantic, emotional, and even people who are bored by classical music love it.

I'm working on a course that's gonna to teach you how to play it, even if you've never touched a piano before. I'll show you the notes, and then I'll teach you some secret tricks to make it sound even more impressive and emotional.

Normally, you'd have to take piano lessons for a few years before your teacher will let you learn Für Elise. That's because piano teachers love to do things by the book. But, I don't. I'm all about hacks and shortcuts.

You don't have to read music and I won't teach you to read music. There are no quarter notes or treble clefs in this course.

There's also no technique or scales or anything like that. I want you playing this song ASAP, so we're going to get right to the piano. Save the intense training for those who want to be college piano majors (yes, you can major in piano).

I know this sounds cliche, but this is the stuff piano teachers don't want you to see. I've been kicked out of 8 of the biggest piano groups on Facebook because I care more about music and teaching music than about being a team player.

I'll break the song down into simple steps anyone can understand. I'll show you exactly what to play. I won't teach you any theory. If it's not going to get you playing Für Elise ASAP, I won't mention it.

This is for you if you've never touched a piano before. Maybe you're a guy who wants to impress a girl who likes sensitive guys. This is a way to show your sensitive side.

⚠️ Just so we're clear: ⚠️

If you're an advanced pianist, this isn't for you. I'm not going to teach you a version that will impress stuck-up classical music snobs.

This is for dishonest cheaters. I'm going to help you fool innocent people into thinking you're a sensitive musician.

(What they don't know won't hurt them.)