5 Reasons Why Your Meditation Practice Is Inconsistent

5 Reasons Why Your Meditation Practice is Inconsistent

I’m going to tell you why you’re not meditating. You’re going to be amazed. Or not. You decide.

There are 5 big reasons. They’re common. I’ve dealt with them myself.

They’re holding you back. You should fix them.

But you have to know what they are first.

Otherwise, you’re just banging your head against the wall.

Meditation is good for you. But if you’re doing it, it’s not doing anything for you.

Let’s fix that for you.

  • Stop worrying about meditating, and meditate instead.
  • Achieve internal alignment.
  • Gain moral superiority over your friends.
  • Have a wonderful conversation topic for parties.
  • Acquire Deep Insight.

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Let me know if it helps you.

I would also like to know what’s motivating you to check out this kind of thing. Do you meditate? Tell me more.