How to Make Mistakes Without Getting Completely Derailed

5 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Learn how you can stay focused on making music, rather than on your mistakes or on “damage control.” This course teaches the basic concepts of mindfulness and acceptance for musicians.

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Course Structure

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Discover how to stop blaming yourself for your problems as a musician. Start looking at things in a new way.

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Noticing your mistakes

Gain insight into what prevents you from really noticing your mistakes.

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Noticing your reactions

Start to notice what happens after you make a mistake.

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What do you care about?

Get a clearer picture about what you are really after, and what stops you from reaching it.

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Setting intentions

Learn how to choose what you want your music-making to be about, and how to set your sights square on that target. No matter what shows up to distract you.