Divine Power

Let's Hear It

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About this course

You have something  important  to say. You can use social media to help you express this.

No matter how little confidence you have, and how much doubt,  your experiences and perspectives are valuable .

I will show you how to do this. I’ll teach you a process for coming up with ideas that motivate you. I’ll give you fill-in-the-blank templates that you will use to create a post. This will make it easy to bring your ideas into reality.

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Course Structure

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We Need to Hear You

Your experiences are important and should be heard. Got it?

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What to Talk About

Let's look at 4 types of stories you might want to share in your video. You're going to come up with ideas for all of these, and then pick one.

The bonus module gives some examples of videos I've made that follow these patterns.

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Let's Make Something

Now it's time to create something. We've done the preliminary work, so there's nothing left to do except make magic.

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Bonus: Example Videos

I want to show you a handful of videos I've made which illustrate some of the types of stories you might want to tell.