Focused Writing Session

A one-on-one private coaching session for writers who want to create something of quality.

Cost: $50 USD

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Why your writing sucks

Your writing sucks because you’re not doing it, and when you do it you don’t give yourself fully to it. Your mind has a natural ability to improve when you let yourself make mistakes and experience the consequences of those mistakes.

You need to write.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not good. You need to write it. It’s the first draft. The second draft can be better, and your nervous system will change with every draft and with every piece of feedback. But, if you avoid writing, you’re not much of a writer, are you?

You need to receive feedback.

It doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative. You’re the judge of how useful it is. You get to decide whether you take it seriously or not. But, if you avoid receiving feedback, you’re going to act like a writer who’s afraid of feedback, and those writers don’t write very much.

How the session works

In this 30-minute session:

  1. You’ll tell me what you want to write.
  2. You’ll write for 5 minutes while we’re on Zoom.
  3. I’ll read it and give you one piece of feedback.
  4. You’ll then rewrite it.

Pricing and sign up

The cost for the 30-minute session is $50 USD.

If you’re interested, I invite you to fill out the application form. I’ll be in touch to let you know if I think this would be a good fit for you.

Application Form

About me

Hi, I’m Michael. I like to write (Instagram posts, emails, blog posts, ebooks, sales pages like this one here). I hope I can help you use my insights gained from meditation practice to improve your writing.