Getting Dumped as a Creator

A 30-day coaching program to help you do the things you know you want to do (but everyone tries to shame you for doing) when getting dumped.

Cost: $250 USD

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Processing a breakup is about more than “moving on”.

Here’s some stuff you might have had the urge to do:

  • Ask your ex for sympathy
  • Beg your ex to get back together
  • Explain to everyone else your version of the story
  • Cut off contact with your ex or block them on social media
  • “Move on”
  • “Focus on yourself”
  • Meet new people

Some of these things might be good and some might be bad, depending on what exactly you’re doing them. I’m not here to judge you.

But, every item on that list represents natural energy that’s compelling you into action. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the urge to do it.

You and I both know that in order to “move on”, you have to allow these energies to express themselves.

The only question is: how?

Here’s what has to happen:

  1. You must find a way to express (to other people) how you’re feeling about this. You can’t bottle it up inside.
  2. If you want to get back together with your ex, you must work on that. This is a separate project from “working on yourself.” Don’t let society confuse you about this.
  3. You must “work on yourself“, finding ways to become a better person (according to your own values and ideals), regardless of whether you get back together with your ex.
  4. You must separate yourself from the attachment of clinging to the relationship you no longer have. This is independent of whether or not you forge a new relationship with your ex. The old one must be allowed to die.
  5. You must grieve the loss of the old relationship without pretending it was better or worse than it was, and without pretending you’re not upset.

Let’s be creative and playful with this.

In this 30-day coaching program, we’ll get those energies expressed. Maybe we’ll do it the right way, or maybe the wrong way. Doesn’t matter. They will get expressed.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • You’ll get it all out there in the form of writing and speaking. You’ll be listened to without judgment.
  • We’ll identify concrete actions you can perform to improve yourself as a human being, stuff that your attachment to this relationship may have been causing you to neglect.
  • You’ll identify specific people who are safe enough to share parts of your story, so you don’t feel like you’re suffering in silence.
  • We’ll make a list of everything good about your relationship and identify specifically what needs of yours it was meeting. Then, we’ll choose strategies that will help you get those needs met apart from the relationship.

Commitment required

We’ll meet for 30 minutes once per week on Zoom.

Every day, you’ll do an assignment.

So, you’ve got to be dedicated to this. It’s not for people who want to be told everything will be OK or who just want validation.

About me and my pain

Hi, I’m Michael. I’ve been dumped and I’ve suffered greatly. I’ve experienced, through trial-and-error, what my natural urges have told me to do, and what the consequences of following those urges have been. I hope I can help you learn your own lessons through experience.


The cost of this 30-day program is $250 USD.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to sign up, I ask that you first fill out the application form. That way, I’ll be able to determine if I think this will be a good fit for you and for me.

Application Form

Hope to hear from you.