Learn a Song By Working With Me 1-1

The Intensive Song Study is a 2-week, online, piano coaching program for beginners.

You’ll learn a song through imitation. I’ll show you where to put your hands and what to do. There will be no note-reading (beginners shouldn't be reading music).

Cost: $500 USD

Special offer for December 2022: The cost is $250 USD if you sign up to learn the song of the month (River Flows in You)

This is what you'll be playing if you sign up to play River Flows in You (December's song of the month).

I'll be your personal trainer for piano

This is a 1-1 coaching program that takes place online over Instagram. We’ll communicate with each other through DM (direct message).

How it works:

  • When you apply, you’ll tell me what song you want to play. After you pay, we’ll start the program.
  • I’ll send you exercises in the form of videos.
  • You’ll spend some time learning to do what’s in each video. Then, you'll send me videos showing me your progress.
  • You won’t be playing the song immediately (you’re not there yet). We’ll break it down into small steps, some of which won’t resemble the final product. You’re going to do boring, repetitive exercises, like you’d do at the gym.
  • The program is 2 weeks long. During that time, I’ll be on-call to answer any questions you have. If you’re stuck on any of the exercises, you’ll send me a DM and I’ll respond within 12 hours. That way, you can complete all the exercises by the end of the program.

Equipment Needed

  • Digital piano with a sustain pedal, a 2-track recorder, and a metronome.
  • Video camera (so you can take videos of your playing and send them to me over Instagram).
  • Tripod (so I can see the keyboard with both of your hands on it).

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to win, so that’s why I have a guarantee. By the end of the 2 weeks, you’ll be able to play the song with no mistakes (three times in a row), with both hands, up to speed. Otherwise, I’ll refund 100% of your money.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for kids?

No, it’s for adults. You must be 18+ to do the program.

What if I’m not a total beginner?

I’ll give you exercises that are suited to your level. But, this isn’t for advanced pianists. It’s based on imitation, not on reading music.

Are we going to talk live on Zoom?

No. We’re going to talk through text over Instagram.

This is an online program? I heard it’s better to do live, in-person piano lessons.

That’s your call. Chances are, you don’t live near me, so I don’t see how we’re going to do in-person lessons. If someone near you is offering this kind of thing and you think it’s better for you, then of course you should go with that.

Wouldn’t it be better to do lessons live over Zoom, rather than over DM?

I don’t want to waste time chatting over Zoom. I want to give you an exercise and leave you alone to do it. Watch The Karate Kid (”wax on, wax off”).

But…what if I can’t play both hands at once? I’m not coordinated enough.

That’s why I give you one exercise at a time. There’s an order to them. If you try to skip to the end, of course you’re going to give up in frustration. Anybody can play both hands at once, but you have to approach it from the right direction. Otherwise, it seems impossible.

What if the exercises are too hard?

Then I’ll give you the preparatory exercises necessary to play them. If you do the assignments, you won’t fail. That’s why we’re working 1-1 rather than me posting the videos in an online course and letting you do it at your own pace.

What if I’m not disciplined enough to practice?

If you’re not prepared to take this seriously, don’t sign up.

What exactly will I be learning?

Watch the video at the top of this page. This is what you’ll be able to play after you finish the program. The exercises you’ll practice will take you to that point, step-by-step.

What if, at the end of the 2 weeks, I can sorta play it, but it’s not perfect? Will I still have to pay?

No. If it doesn’t work, I don’t want your money. By the end of the two weeks, you’ll be able to play the song as demonstrated. At the indicated tempo. Both hands together. No mistakes. 3 times in a row, perfectly. If this doesn’t happen, I’ll give you your money back.

But…I want to learn a WHOLE song, not just 15 seconds.

You have to start somewhere. Can you play the 15 seconds? Of course not. So, learn those 15 seconds and then we’ll talk about what you can do next. It makes no sense for me to promise you 3.5 minutes in 2 weeks and then watch you fail. I’d rather see you succeed.

But…I heard beginners should be learning scales. Are you really teaching the fundamentals?

No, I’m not teaching the fundamentals. I’m giving you a sequence of exercises that produces a specific result and I’m making sure you do it. If playing scales sounds more appealing to you than playing songs, then this isn’t for you.

What if I can’t play it fast enough?

That’s what the exercises are for. Playing fast is only hard if you do it wrong. The exercises show you how to do it right. If you do them, you won’t fail.

What if I have no sense of rhythm?

Everyone has a sense of rhythm. You wouldn’t be able to walk if you didn’t have a sense of rhythm. The exercises will make you apply that sense of rhythm to music. If you do them, you won’t fail.

Are you going to be nice or mean?

Both. Sometimes I’ll be nice and sometimes I’ll be mean. Let me worry about that and you worry about doing the exercises.

But I’m nervous because you’re good at piano and I’m clueless. What if it makes me feel stupid?

But…you are stupid. That’s the point. I’m an expert and you’re not.I’m not expecting you to be good at piano. That would be a waste of time. You should be a LOT WORSE than me. That means I have something to teach you. If you’re here to impress me with your playing, don’t bother. Impress me with your effort instead, and with your willingness to follow instructions. That’s how you get me excited.

This sounds too serious. I’m just looking to play a tune to impress my friends.

It’s serious for the duration of the program, yes. That’s because I want you to get to a point where you can play a tune. Once the program’s over, it’s over. Then you can go back to dicking around. It’s a “work hard, play hard” kind of thing.

This sounds like school.

Look, I don’t know what to tell you. Do your homework and get the results. That’s all I care about.

Ready to commit?

After you sign up, I’ll be in touch with payment details. Once you’ve paid, we can start.