Intensive Song Study

It’s going to take 2 weeks. By the end, you'll be playing the whole song, with both hands, and without forgetting.

Cost: $2,000 USD

Play a song, both hands, without forgetting, for an audience

I’m going to help you play a song. This is a song that you’re bringing to me, not one I assign to you. So, you should have a song you want to play, you should know who you want to play it for, and you should want it to sound good.

How it works:

  • When you apply, you’ll tell me what song you want to play. After you pay, we’ll start the program.
  • I’ll send you videos where I show you how to play the song.
  • You’ll spend some time learning to do what’s in each video. Then, you’ll send me a video of your work.
  • We’ll continue like this, back-and-forth until we get through the whole song.
  • Once you’ve learned the song, I’ll give you instructions on how to make sure you can play it without forgetting. These instructions are exercises, like going to the gym. You’ll do them and they’ll make you strong. Then, you won’t forget.

Since this is going to be intense, we need to make sure you have the right equipment first.

This is an online, 1-1 course (we’ll correspond mainly over DM).

So, you need to be able to make videos.

  • A video camera (smartphone is fine)
  • A tripod or some other way to balance the camera so I can see both hands while you play.
  • A piano or keyboard. This isn’t the time to go shopping. We’ll make it work with whatever you currently have.

100% No-Forget Guarantee.

I want you to win, so that’s why I have a guarantee. If, within 14 days after we finish, you play the song for an audience and you forget how it goes, I’ll give you back your money.



I won't accept excuses or apologies.

The assignments have strict deadlines. You must complete them on time or I’ll end the course. Make sure you can dedicate 30 minutes to an hour per day during these two weeks. If you can’t master an assignment before it’s due, send me your best attempt. No excuses and no apologies. We need to be moving forward at all times.

Vacation policy: If you need to take a vacation during these two weeks, let me know before the course starts so I can adjust the schedule.

You must do exactly as I say. No negotiating and no bargaining. If you do what I say and you fail, then it’s my fault, not yours. That’s the way I want it to be.

This is for you if:

  • You have a specific song you're hoping to learn.
  • You have a specific audience in mind you want to play it for.
  • You want to reach this goal sooner rather than later.

This is not for you if:

  • You just want to “learn piano.”
  • You’re just playing “for yourself.”
  • You’re fine being a beginner forever.

Ready to commit?

After you sign up, I’ll be in touch with payment details. Once you’ve paid, we can start.

Not YET ready for this level of intensity?

Check out these other options if you're looking for more of a do-it-yourself approach:

Self-Teaching Plan

I'll give you a detailed, step-by-step plan for learning the song on your own.


Piano Video Critique

Send me a video of your playing and I'll critique it.