Meditation Boot Camp

Meditation Boot Camp

This is a 1-1 online program that lasts 2 weeks. We’ll work together online (over Instagram). I’ll give you homework assignments involving meditation and/or yoga, and you’ll do them. During this time, you can DM me with any questions and I’ll give you the answers I think are most appropriate.

Level: All

Cost: $350

IMPORTANT: If you don’t do your homework on time, I will kick you out and keep your money. This is practical and you have to do work. We’re not just going to hang out and talk about feelings and chill out. Not that I have anything against relaxing, but it’s easy to get that for free. I need success stories, so I need you to succeed at something. You should be willing to dedicate approximately 30 minutes per day (subject to change based on my whims and your needs). This is about doing work.

“Why would anyone want to meditate?”

Dunno, but I need to live in a world where people are fluent in these concepts. That’s not currently the case, and it’s obnoxious. They don’t seem to be aware of what’s going on inside them. They blame everyone else when they’re in pain, and there seems to be no other option to them. Very cut and dry: you feel bad and so it must be someone else’s fault. It’s obnoxious to be the recipient of that and it’s obnoxious to have conversations about a 3rd party with someone who thinks this way. We all do it a little bit, but there should be at least some awareness of how messed up it is.

Here are 9 benefits of meditation

  1. Understand your mind
  2. Psychological flexibility
  3. Enjoy life
  4. Self-acceptance
  5. Better sense of humor
  6. Understand other people
  7. Impulse control
  8. Body awareness
  9. Awakening

I’d love to work on these 9 problems with you. If you feel the same, fill out the application form and I’ll be in touch.