So long, 2020. The year in review.

2020 is drawing to a close, and I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to this year.

While avoiding the coronavirus, I've managed to create quite a bit.

Let’s take a quick tour of some of the highlights. I hope you find these links useful.

Mindful Piano Basics

The year started off with the launch of the beta version of my piano course, Mindful Piano Basics.

The course isn’t open right now. But, I also made a $5 Piano Lesson.


I wrote an ebook for amateur pianists called Take Yourself Seriously.

Mindful Piano Facebook Lives

I did a 7-part Facebook live series on how to play the piano with mindfulness.

Talking Videos

In February, I began posting talking videos, mostly on Instagram. Throughout the year, I've posted approximately 369 (and 58 were made in one single day!).

Here are some highlights:

Email Cult

I re-branded my email list as an email cult, and have sent out 171 helpful emails in 2020.

Many of those are available in the email archives.

Meditation Practice

I've logged 581 hours of meditation on Insight Timer. This isn't all the meditation I've done, but it's everything I used Insight Timer for.

No Problem

I created a meditation course called No Problem.


In August, I launched the Self-Defined Human Podcast. So far, I've published the following episodes:

  1. The Drama Triangle

  2. Stop Setting Boundaries

  3. Seventy Minus Nineteen

  4. Why I Hate Piano Teachers

  5. This Podcast is a MIstake

  6. F*** Yoga with Fabienne Egger

  7. When Meditators Get Cancelled, with Blake Shields Abramovitz

  8. Meditation for Musicians

  9. Videos are Awesome

  10. What Music Teachers Are Getting Wrong, with David Servias

  11. Universe Walks, with Samantha Faulhaber

Instagram Lives

I’ve done a bunch of Instagram lives, such as:


Michelle Murray Fiertek and I released an album of American art songs called Every Tiny Thing.

Free Digital Products

I created a whole bunch of free digital products, which you can find on my “hey you” page.

Other Paid Products

Meditation Classes

I started offering meditation classes on Zoom. Check out the schedule.


I invented my own school of yoga (KormanYoga), authorized myself as a teacher in this school, and made a video demonstrating some basic techniques.

I also wrote about what’s wrong with yoga.


I got much better at:

  • Audio editing

  • Photo editing

  • Video editing

  • Acting

  • Drawing

Spreading Ideas

People have started associating my name with concepts like “radical acceptance”, “toxic positivity”, the Drama Triangle (Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer), and the Empowerment Dynamic (Creator/Rescuer/Coach).

Disappointments and Regrets

I lost over 100 friends who don’t appreciate my style of helpfulness. I was called “racist”, “narcissist”, “fraud”, “harmful”, “dangerous”, “manipulative”, “troll”, among many other names.

I got a phone call from the police as a result of one or more complaints that had been made regarding my social media posts.

I wish I hadn’t done the following so much:

  • Toned things down so as not to upset “experts”.

  • Pandered to beginners and friends.

  • Eaten so much pasta.

  • Refrained from being helpful for fear of scaring people off.

  • Avoided creating products because of misguided attempts at following bad marketing advice.

I also wish I had done a meditation retreat this year.

Goals for 2021

  • Practice conversation.

  • Create more advanced material that’s truly helpful.

  • Ignore conflicts with experts and social justice warriors.

  • Make more money.

  • Market my ideas without holding back.

  • Set it up so that people can easily pay me to learn piano, meditation, calligraphy, drawing, and yoga without any logistical or psychological obstacles.

Happy New Year!


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