Episode 8: Meditation for Musicians

Meditation is the only way to fix your music technique. Too bad music teachers don’t care and only want to screw you over. Oh, and I found some great new freedom while recording this episode. Hope you enjoy. Don’t tell your teacher!


3 responses to “Episode 8: Meditation for Musicians”

  1. Hehe pedagogy. First encountered that word when I worked in Academia. That was the last time I encountered that word until today. Thanks, Michael.

    I don’t know if I qualify as a musician, but I enjoy your podcast. And maybe one day I’ll step up my game with music. And I’ve been getting back into meditation lately. Up to four minutes a morning.

    Maybe by the end of the year I’ll graduate to 4:05. Because I’m ambitious like that.

    You’re an insightful dude.

    1. Hey Andrew, glad you like the podcast and that you’re meditating. Do you play an instrument? (You could just set a timer for 4:05 right now and cross that one off your list…)

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