Episode 6: F*** Yoga with Fabienne Egger

What “f*** yoga” means. (0:01:57)
What’s wrong with yoga teachers. (0:09:26)
Why Fabi did teacher training. (0:17:30)
What you learn in a 200 hour teacher training. (0:22:35)
Why music classes are hard to teach. (0:26:43)
When Fabi decided to teach yoga. (0:28:24)
Teacher training for non-teachers. (0:31:15)
Random talking videos. (0:36:06)
Toxic positivity (0:39:34)
Positive affirmations (0:40:43)
Why language and culture suck. (0:46:20)
Got rid of negativity (0:48:03)
Fabi’s childhood. (0:50:14)
Visualizing death. (0:55:38)
Paragliding, slacklining (0:58:51)
Michael’s fear of heights (1:07:52)
Why yoga is the way it is (1:09:42)
AcroYoga (1:14:58)
Pianists and singers (1:18:19)
Bullying in schools (1:20:46)
Why do we have to feel sad when somebody dies? (1:25:14)
Black Lives Matter (1:27:40)
How to fix school (1:32:31)
AcroYoga, intimacy (1:33:45)
Students want to please the teacher (1:42:07)
Thai yoga massage (1:46:57)
Different kinds of AcroYoga (1:49:35)
Music and yoga – people are different (1:52:11)


3 responses to “Episode 6: F*** Yoga with Fabienne Egger”

  1. Michael, if I pay for it, will you go skydiving with me?

  2. OK, Michael, my next proposal is acro-yoga while skydiving.

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