Testimonial Writing Service

If you’ve sold me a product or service in the past (and I liked it), you can pay me to write a high-quality testimonial.

Cost: $50 USD

Most testimonials suck

Running a business is hard because you need to get good clients, people who:

  • Have the problem you’re solving.
  • Resonate with you.
  • Are willing to pay for a solution.

It’s easy to find people who have the problem but don’t resonate or aren’t willing to pay. Or, people who resonate but don’t have the problem.

So, what most business owners do is ask customers for testimonials. This way, they can post reviews from satisfied customers and thus attract like-minded individuals who will hopefully become satisfied customers.

The problem is that most testimonials suck:

  • They don’t clearly state the problem.
  • They don’t provide enough resonance signals to appropriately filter out the wrong people.
  • They don’t speak to the doubts and fears that prevent people from making buying decisions.

It’s hard to get good testimonials.

How this works

I, as a former customer, am going to help you by writing a good testimonial.

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’ll tell you what problem I think you’re trying to solve with the product.
  2. You tell me if I’m right.
  3. I’ll then write a testimonial that says:
    1. Why I bought the product (what problem I was struggling with).
    2. What my doubts and fears were.
    3. How your product addressed my problem.
    4. How your product addressed my doubts and fears.
  4. I’ll send you the testimonial.

I will NOT waste time and space by needlessly praising your product, by offering a summary that could be easily gathered through 5 minutes of research, by acting like I’m some kind of professional reviewer (I’m not, I’m just a guy who likes your product), or by listing all the types of people who I think would benefit from it (what the fuck do I know? I’m just one type of person, which is what I’ll write about.)

Some rules to keep in mind

  • This is a testimonial, not a full-length review.
  • I’ll write between 100-400 words, depending on how much I feel needs to be said.
  • I’ll get it to you within 48 hours.
  • My goal is to signal as best I can to help people resonate with your offer. This might mean I say something negative. You’re free to edit it out if you don’t like it.
  • If I wasn’t a satisfied customer, I might refuse to write a testimonial.
  • I’ll give you permission to edit it however you see fit and post it wherever you want along with my full name and picture (if I don’t trust you, then I won’t agree to write the testimonial in the first place).


For this service, I will charge you $50 USD.

Next Steps

To get started, send me a DM or email. You know how to find me. Let me know you want me to write a testimonial and I’ll let you know if I feel comfortable doing so.