What My Friends Are Saying

The “Guilt” Meditation has helped me keep it simple right now as I remind myself I am responsible for my own feelings.

This gives me so much freedom as I process how to move forward with business direction. Thank you!


Trainer and Coach

Like a therapist on the outside but Larry David on the inside.

Allison Holst-Grubbe
Soprano and seminary student

This is like a meditation on Sam Harris’s Waking Up app. Love it. 🙂

James Mills

Michael, you are giving people the right element to grow! You put the person first in all your writing. What do you feel? What does it make you think? Before their hands touch the keys you pose fundamental questions about the ‘human being’ before they attempt to make music, because if they’re not grappling or coming to grips with who they are as a person and their personhood, they will never have a hope of producing anything of worth from their heart, mind, and soul, let alone something of any worth coming from the pressing of their finger in to black and white keys.

Rev. Dana C. Reed, D. Min.
Captain, Chaplain Corps, USN (Ret)

I liked the freedom, the okayness of when one doesn’t feel or see what is being suggested. Your voice, the music, the energy. I am very allergic to meditations that are overly calm and lethargic, almost saddening. Amazing quality, perfectly matched with the piano. Amazing guidance.


I usually don’t like guided meditations, because they’re always trying to tell me what to do, or trying to tell me how to visualize something, which to me feels like even more distracting from myself. So, it was good because all the pressure’s off, like just sit here and notice this. There’s no way to do it wrong. With other ones that I’ve done, where there are visualizations, I get lost, like “oh no, I forgot to visualize the river, and now I’m in the grass still!” But, it’s not like that with yours. You just are where you are.


I just had the most unexpected meditation experience of my life. I alternated between sobbing, convulsing, ugly tears and focused breathing for the entire 15 minutes. By the end, my body was dry heaving tears – there were none left. I have got to do that again. Woah.


What My Enemies Are Saying

It is unfortunate that the OP is offering advice that for the most part is not in the interest of intermediate level pianists to increase their skills. Maybe the OP should be more upfront about his motivations for being so dismissive of commenters and trying to fabricate controversy.


Fuck off idiot

Allan Moore
Guy who commented on my Facebook post