All the Keys

You’ve learned the white keys. Now what? The black keys, of course.

Don’t let them intimidate you. They’re the same as the white keys, Yes, they’re raised up and pushed back further, but they’re the same.

Still, you’re not a real pianist until you can say you know how to play All the Keys.

Cost: $400 USD

In this 1-1 program, you'll learn how to play all the keys on the piano.

Why do the black keys even exist? The most obvious reason is that they help you orient yourself on the keyboard.

But, there's another reason. You know how musicians say things like “I’m playing in the key of C”, or “I’m playing in the key of G?” That terminology is referring to which keys on the keyboard a particular song uses.

If you want to be a real musician, you have to start thinking about what key you're playing in.

Any given song only uses some of the piano keys.

What "playing in a key" means: If you’re playing “in the key of C”, that means you’re only playing white keys.

If you play “in the key of G”, that means one of those white keys is replaced by a black key.

Right now, it seems random to you, but it’s not. It’s systematic and orderly.

What you'll learn in All the Keys:

You’ll learn tunes in more than one key.

This will acclimate you to playing all the black keys (but remember, not all of them will be played in every song).

Then, you’ll learn how to improvise with both white and black keys.

This will train your hands and your musical intuition. You'll get equally comfortable with white and black keys.

As we progress, you'll be learning the names of all the notes,

so you'll sound intelligent when you talk to pianists and other musicians.

By the end...’ll be able to say with confidence that you can play all the keys on the piano.

How the Course Works

NOTE: Don't sign up for this if you have zero piano experience.

I want you to have had some experience with piano. If you’ve taken any of my piano courses such as “Creating Moods” or if we’ve worked together, you have enough experience for this.

If you're uncertain about how prepared you are, send me a message and we’ll figure it out.

We’re going to work one-on-one.

I’ll give you assignments over DM (videos and text). You’ll send me a video of you doing the assignment and I'll give you feedback.

The course is 2 weeks long and you’ll have 9 assignments. You’ll spend 20-30 minutes on each assignment.

Equipment needed:

  • You need a piano or keyboard. The number of keys doesn’t matter.
  • You also need a camera to take videos (phone will work).
  • You need a tripod or some other way to point the camera at both your hands while playing.
  • And, some way to upload videos: you can send them to me on Instagram or Facebook Messenger or YouTube.

To sign up, fill out the application form and I’ll be in touch.

Cost: $400 USD