Category: Teaching

  • You CAN’T Teach What You’re GOOD At

    “I can’t figure out how to get my student to keep a steady beat! It’s so easy, but I have no idea why they can’t do it. What am I doing wrong?” Music teachers ask this kind of question all the time. Before I tear it apart, let me empathize with it for a second.…

  • A piano game: Got It

    Here’s a game you can play with a student (if you’re a teacher), or even with yourself (if you want to play both parts). I’ve named this game Got It.

  • When Your Student Hasn’t Practiced

    It is not at all rare for a student to cancel their lesson because they haven’t practiced that week. Apparently, this seems to be a reasonable attitude. After all, if the student didn’t practice, are we just going to repeat whatever we did last week? The teacher will chastise the student for not practicing, and…