Hi, I'm Michael.

I help INTPs with lots of different things (meditation, music, art). I hope I can help you with something. Take a look below to see what I do here.

What You'll Find Here

I'm aware that this website might seem a bit chaotic (especially if you're not an INTP). Look closely, and you'll see the patterns. Let me try to clarify it for you.


I'm into hardcore, Buddhist-style meditation. It leads to deep internal transformation and liberation. I'll show you how to do it.


I've written many blog posts on how to practice the piano. I have a unique approach to music called KorMusic, and it's based on meditation.


Art is a practical application of meditative skills. I'll teach you what I know about drawing.


KormanYoga might seem like a parody, and it kinda is. But, it's no joke. To integrate meditative insights, you need to move your body.

Products and Services

No Problem · Take Yourself Seriously · Meditation Class · Guilt Quest · $5 Piano Lesson · How to Make Mistakes · Big Surprise · Let's Hear It · Just Draw It · Exploration Session · Just Make It, Damn It

Some Core Values

No Toxic Positivity

Social media is full of fake positivity, but real life isn't like that. Let's embrace the negativity that's a natural part of life.

Radical Acceptance

Everything is good. All your thoughts, feelings, and everything. This is a practical tool to help you learn skills.

Be a Creator

Don't be a Victim. You are the master of the Universe. Let's make some magic.

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