How to breeze through a pandemic

I listened to a great podcast today featuring Daniel Ingram. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Daniel is a meditation teacher and former emergency physician.

He had a lot of good stuff to say about the pandemic. Particularly about how we can best deal with the many emotional issues that are likely to arise.

A lot about death and dying.

First warning: if you are looking for unbridled optimism, maybe skip the first part of the podcast.

Second warning: depending on your experience with meditation, you may or may not find the end of the podcast to be a bit…weird.

But in my opinion, it’s all worth listening to.

Mindfulness skills will be more valuable in the near future than piano skills will be. And, Daniel is extremely hardcore when it comes to mindfulness skills.

Don’t take that to mean that you should stop practicing music. Especially if you find yourself with some extra free time these days, you should definitely be practicing something.

There is no better use of your time than spending it learning habits that will serve you over the long term.


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