Is Music Practice a Waste of Time?

If you don’t have professional aspirations (or whatever the “right” aspirations are), you might wonder:

Is this worth my time?

You may have lots of feelings. Guilt for being self-indulgent, frustration from making little progress, etc.

Those concerns are not stupid, and you should not ignore them. Rather, you should acknowledge them. They are telling you something important about yourself.

However, the mere fact that you have those feelings doesn’t mean you need to do anything about them.

Are you confused and uncertain about what direction to take? Wondering why you practice so much when you are never going to be the best? I mean, you’re not even going to be the best in town.

You could let yourself dream big. Without judgment, ask yourself: if I could do anything, what would I do?

Time spent on music practice is rarely wasted.

You need to find that creativity and enthusiasm that you know is in there. You know, whatever led you to music in the first place.


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