My secret weapon against the Piano Teachers

“Michael, you’re so confrontational, negative, provocative, you’re being unfair to us, you’re triggering us, you’re being mean…”


Look what’s actually happening here. All of you think one way. I, an individual, am showing up and saying something different.

Who’s the one with the power here? I have zero power. Nothing. I have this keyboard and this microphone. All I can do is speak and write. That’s it.

They can do anything they want. They are society.

(From episode 4 of the podcast: “Why I Hate Piano Teachers.”)

Going against the group is scary. They have enormous power. As an individual, what chance do I have?

Not much, unfortunately.

However, the real battle is mental.

Staying balanced. Holding true to my values. Using this as an opportunity for creative expression, rather than defending my own ego.

That’s not easy. But, I’ve practiced it, and I continue to practice it.

Do you want to know what meditation is going to do for you? This.

Where do you get a sense of accomplishment just from sitting with your eyes closed, doing nothing? Here it is, right here.

Meditation is training for real life.


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