Podcast: Self-Defined Human

  • #51 – Mindful Donkey Kong Country 3

    #51 – Mindful Donkey Kong Country 3

    This is a strange episode but I kinda like it, so I’m putting it up here. It’s audio that was recorded on February 6, 2021. It was a livestream I did on Instagram where I was playing Donkey Kong Country 3 and talking about some stuff that had happened to me in the first year…

  • #50 – Start Setting Boundaries

    #50 – Start Setting Boundaries

    Lately, I’ve been a cheerleader for boundaries. That’s funny because the second episode of this podcast was called “Stop Setting Boundaries”. In this episode, I explain how my thinking has changed by reacting to Episode 2. Timeline: 0:00:00 – Introduction 0:03:09 – Reacting to Episode 2: “Stop Setting Boundaries” 0:04:37 – Drama Triangle & The…

  • #49 – Spiral Dynamics

    #49 – Spiral Dynamics

    Spiral Dynamics is a framework for making sense of the forces that drive culture. It helps you understand why YouTube commenters are such jerks. Also, why the Godfather cares so much about respect. And why Osho started his cult. And why air traffic controllers aren’t to blame for mid-air collisions. I’d take it to a…

  • #48 – How to Read Music

    #48 – How to Read Music

    Only you can teach yourself how to read music. I have no power over you. The Universe will do its thing, and no, it’s not fair. But here’s a placebo to keep you company. It might even work. (Instagram live, April 24, 2023) 0:00 – Introduction 1:30 – How to read music 10:44 – Major…

  • #47 – Awake People Use Language Differently

    #47 – Awake People Use Language Differently

    All about meditation, language, non-duality and waking up to bullshit. This is graduate-level piano material. Actually, it’s a bit beyond that. (Instagram Live from April 22, 2023) 0:00 Introduction 0:48 Meditation 10:10 Is classical music better than contemporary music? 11:30 Enlightenment 21:52 Form vs Function 25:45 A language exercise 30:43 Duality vs Non-duality 35:30 Why…

  • #46 – Piano in the 4th Dimension

    #46 – Piano in the 4th Dimension

    Welcome to 4-dimensional space. Glad you could join me on this higher plane of existence. Now, let me set the record straight about some of y’all’s problems with me. (Piano Time Live on Instagram, April 21, 2023) Timeline: 0:00 – Introduction 1:39 – Golden Hour 5:48 – 3-step exercise to play with both hands 10:51…