Strategy Session

You have a piano, but you can’t play any songs on it.

(What a waste of money.)

It’s not going to fix itself. You have to take action.

Cost: $100 USD

Right now, you’re doing things like:

  • Fantasizing about playing.
  • Bookmarking tutorials and never doing them.
  • Watching videos here and there.
  • Saying to people, “I’ll do it soon, I’ve just had a busy week."

None of those are real action steps and they won’t get you closer to playing songs.

You have to do real action steps.

But, you don’t know what that means and that’s why you’re not doing them.

You’re doing the stuff you know how to do, the stuff you learned in the rest of your life. None of it will get you playing songs on the piano.

You have to take action on the piano. The tutorials are too overwhelming for you. You need things broken down further.

On this call, I’ll get you unstuck.

You’re saying you want to play the piano. You’ve even tried. But, you’re still unable to play any songs. Until you fix this, the piano will continue to be a waste of money. You’ll continue to have unachieved your childhood dream.

What we'll do on the call

I’ll ask you 8 questions about what’s going on and you’ll give me answers.

Then, I’ll give you the next step.

It will be a doable action step, something that’s more concrete than “play this tutorial.” You won’t be overwhelmed and you’ll be eager to do it.

Where you'll go

You’ll then on the path to taking action and playing songs.

To get started...

Cost: $100 USD

To get started, click “Schedule a Call”, choose a time, and pay via PayPal.

Then, we’ll talk over Zoom for 45 minutes.