Why you’re intimidated by yoga classes

You might think it’s because you’re inflexible and out-of-shape. Yeah, that’s not it.

Yoga classes are intimidating because there’s something off about what’s going on there.

Look behind the scenes, and you might notice:

  1. The teacher (who only has 200 hours of training) is following a recipe from a book. Also, they have less insight about your body than you do. How much insight do you think the book has about your body?
  2. The other students aren’t even following the instructions. They move like a synchronized dance team, and yet we all know they can’t possibly be breathing together. No, something else is forcing them to move together. (btw, the teacher isn’t inhaling while saying “inhale”. That would sound weird.)
  3. You yourself have been trained to focus on “am I doing it right?” according to external standards. When you’re worried about looking bad, it’s no wonder there’s a fear of failure. (The poses were designed for flexible people, you know.)

Yet, the ideas behind yoga are simple. They’re the same ideas you find in meditation.

Last year, I wasn’t a qualified yoga teacher. But, I wanted to say some stuff about yoga.

I had gone to yoga classes taught by lots of teachers, and none of them seemed to have the level of insight that I had about my body.

Those yoga teachers with their 200-hour certifications had no qualms about posting yoga stuff.

Why did I???

No good reason.

So, I decided to qualify myself as a yoga teacher. I invented a school of yoga (KormanYoga), and authorized myself as the sole teacher.

Instead of a paltry 200 hours, I gave myself credit for 330,600 hours (approximately the number of hours I had been alive up to that point).

330,600 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification. This certifies that Michael James Korman has successfully completed the requirements for the KormanYoga 330,600 hour yoga teacher certification. Signed, Michael Korman, Founder. June 8, 2020.

After all, it’s my life experience that gives me the insight I have.


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