A 3-Step Plan to Become Creative

Here's a broad outline:

  1. Get to a point where you can express yourself.
  2. Focus on pleasing yourself with your expressions.
  3. Expand outward from there, figuring out how to please others.

Now, for an example. I'll give you two expressions of the same thing.

Bad writing (because it doesn't please me):

kjfkljdh sdklj sdf
;lfj skjdf ;
ldsjf dsf ;sdf'lk f
;l sd'lk ds;f sd'lf jsd;fl s'df

Good writing (because it pleases me):

Stream of consciousness
could be anything
doesn't matter
just keep typing
watch where it goes
1 2 3 4 5
what's next?
who knows?

These may look different, but they're not. They are expressions of exactly the same thing.

The second one, however, was written in the presence of an auditor.

Go create something.


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