The Truth About Meditation Teachers

Meditation teachers aren’t as bad as piano teachers, but they can still be bad.

Especially when they’re all about getting you to eliminate emotions, control emotions, eliminate thoughts, control thoughts.

This is the opposite of what meditation should be. But, it’s what they do. Go figure.


The point of meditation is to teach you how to let go. Not control. That would be the opposite of the point of meditation.

Get it?

When people start meditating, they want control. It’s why they start. Makes perfect sense.

They want to feel better, relax, de-stress, calm down. They want a clear head, increased productivity, better focus.

This is all fine, and yeah, meditation will help you with it.

But, it’s the outcome of meditation, not the process. The destination, not the journey.

You can’t get there from here.

You have to go backwards before you can go forwards.

Meditation teachers don’t always encourage this.

Of course, they want to sell the product. They will give the people what they want. Who can blame them?

I can, that’s who.

If you’re interested in meditation, you should know what’s up. I’m not going to censor myself to protect some people’s egos. That would be stupid.

Meditation is not about relaxing or calming down. Especially if you’re not able to find relaxation or calm right away.

Before trying to relax, you should try to just be with whatever’s here. Even if what’s here is stress and insanity.

If your meditation teacher encourages that, great. You can stop reading.

If, on the other hand, your teacher is telling you to do something you can’t find a way to do, you can stop blaming yourself and instead question whether it’s even possible.

When I meditate, I don’t try to calm down. I try to sit with whatever’s here.

This is radical acceptance.

It means I accept everything, even the stuff I don’t like.


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