This should fix everything

I'm looking at the computer screen.

Wait, there's the air purifier. Still looking at the screen, but my eyes unfocused a bit to take it in.

Just pressed 'Enter'. Had to move my eyes down to follow the cursor.

Re-read the previous line. Eyes back up.

I feel my fingertips on the keyboard. Eyes had to unfocus for that one.

Air conditioner just switched on. Behind me, to the left.

The air purifier is on the right and the air conditioner is on the left.

Now my eyes are scanning around looking for something to latch onto. Nevermind, just closed them. Typing with my eyes closed.

Will this ever stop?

(btw, if this email doesn't COMPLETELY solve all your life's problems, reply and let me know why. Hey, you'll never know unless you try.)


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