Fine, I’ll play along for now

First, there's a meditation class today. And tomorrow. And Friday. This will be the schedule for the immediate future.

You can sign up here:

Don't think I'm trying to sell you anything.

I'm not.

Everything I offer SUCKS (in my opinion).

But, it won't get better until I know you have the same opinion and I can stop promoting it and finally go make something else.

When you tell me, “it looks awesome, but I don't have the money right now”, you're LYING to me.

Fair enough.

Two can play this game.

“But Michael, if you're not trying to sell me anything, why do you keep saying I should pay you money?”

Yeah, I understand how confusing that might be.

When I say “you should pay me money”, it's because I'm trying to establish myself as a business. I'm not trying to convince you to do anything.

(It's also my way of saying “I'm worried about money” without making the post an explicit expression of that idea. You know, since I inadvertently got pulled into the “mental health” field, I tend to attract people with severe rescuer complexes, and they can be vicious when you don’t play along.)

It does NOT mean I think you will benefit from buying the product. You probably WON'T benefit, because you're probably not in the target market (because you're lying to yourself and to me about who I am and about who you are, and I don't yet have the marketing skills needed to untangle all of that).

This could be a fun game for us to play.

I'm going to try enjoying it more.


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