I love Gordon Ramsay

I want you to do something for me.

But first:

Difficulty is a state of mind.

It feels difficult because you’re setting too high standards for yourself.

That’s your choice and yours alone.

Almost there…

Other people may have expectations for you, but that doesn’t mean those expectations are spelled out clearly in their own heads. People don’t usually know what they want, and they certainly don’t know how to ask for it.

The advantage of eliminating the concept of difficulty is that it gives you freedom to perform badly. When you realize that perfect performance is impossible, you suddenly have more room to make mistakes.

Wait for it…

Instead of trying to meet objective standards, you can try to meet your own predetermined criteria for success, which are chosen based on whatever you’re trying to do.

This is what happens when you take other peoples’ standards too seriously:



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Michael Korman

Meditation teacher. I help people integrate their minds and bodies so they can learn skills like piano, drawing, writing, etc.

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