I thought meditation was supposed to calm you down???

This morning, I meditated for too long.

Whenever I set a timer, there’s always a fear in my mind that the timer won’t go off, and I’ll be stuck meditating indefinitely.

I set Insight Timer for 60 minutes, as usual. I definitely heard the starting bell.

But, I just kept sitting.

“This can’t be right…”, I thought.

Well, it was right. 90 minutes had passed.

So angry. This thing had ONE JOB.

OK, I guess I’d better log 90 minutes by hand, because the app apparently crashed somewhere in the middle.

I opened the log and found that it had recorded 60 minutes. WTF.

Alright, I’ll put in 30 minutes by hand.

No, it doesn’t like that. You can’t enter a time in the future.

(See, when you add a log entry in Insight Timer, the default time is the current time. So, you have to backdate it)

Easier said than done. The time widget in Insight Timer requires you to select hours, minutes, and seconds by spinning three wheels like in The Price is Right.

It felt like another half hour had passed by the time I was done.

As much as I hate Insight Timer, you should still use a timer when you meditate. This makes it much easier to accept whatever comes up during meditation. That’s because you can trust the timer to take you from the beginning to the end of the sit.

(That’s a lie. You can’t trust the timer)

If you’re having trouble making meditation into a consistent habit, check out No Problem.


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