My Sunday morning workout routine

Every Sunday morning, I play the organ at a church. Since March, it's been weird.

At first, we were meeting on Zoom. Now, we're meeting in person.

Not sure which I like better. I don't like wearing a mask (Calm down…I've been wearing it around other people. Still don't like it.)

I don't like following strict schedules (I didn't realize how much I hated this until I stopped doing it.)

I don't like wrestling with audio technology when people are depending on it working in real-time, and especially not when there's no way to monitor the sound on my end.

I used to direct the choir, too, but they haven't been meeting yet this fall. I don't know how we're going to handle that. It's a big question mark.

The services are still being broadcast on Zoom. I've been singing while playing the organ, for the benefit of the people at home.

I'm not used to singing at the organ. It's confusing, physically. Trying to balance on the bench while breathing in a way that works for singing. Very odd. (balancing on an organ bench is weird enough to begin with, since you play with your feet as well as your hands…it's quite a workout).

My attitude tends to be “whatever”. After all, I'm a meditator. I should be able to handle whatever bullshit gets thrown at me.

And, honestly, I can.

Doesn't mean I always like it, though.


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