#12 – Human Paradoxes, with Samantha Faulhaber

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#12 – Human Paradoxes, with Samantha Faulhaber

Today, I’m having another conversation with my friend Samantha Faulhaber.

Sam teaches jiu-jitsu and communication, and she does coaching and all kinds of cool things.

She was the guest in the last episode, and she requested we have another conversation, because there were some things she wanted to ask me. What could they be? Let’s find out.

0:01:35 – Why Sam requested this talk.
0:04:07 – Michael’s accomplishments for 2020, and how he’s changed.
0:07:12 – Internal and external perspective shifts over the past few years.
0:10:33 – Seeing oneself from a narrow internal lense vs. an external perspective.
0:11:51 – Michael’s experience walking out of an opera because everyone hated him.
0:14:20 – Having choices.
0:20:20 – Having regrets about the past.
0:24:07 – How to grow and improve, specifically. Mind-body connections.
0:26:02 – There’s no such thing as “thinking.”
0:30:12 – Anchoring everything into the body.
0:34:50 – Sensation, emotion, thought
0:38:38 – Holding yourself responsible for who you were in the past, running for political office.
0:40:07 – Where’s the Michael Korman train going?
0:41:18 – The power of symbolism.
0:44:17 – How much should coaches focus on clients’ autonomy?
0:50:08 – Should you answer the phone when it rings?
0:53:00 – The grip of time.
0:54:38 – How useful are scientific explanations?
0:55:49 – I hope this is useful to somebody.
1:01:51 – Do people need scientific proof that good things are good?
1:05:06 – Human beings are paradoxes.
1:06:28 – How people misunderstand the Four Noble Truths.
1:08:10 – Where do thoughts come from?
1:10:00 – Leaning in vs. resisting.
1:13:16 – Michael’s goals for the podcast, the difficulties of publishing content online.


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