#31 – What’s the Deal with Michael Korman?, with David Servias

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#31 – What’s the Deal with Michael Korman?, with David Servias

Cancel culture in the world of collaborative piano! David Servias sat down to interview me about trouble brewing in some of the Facebook piano groups.

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0:02:16 – What’s the deal with Michael Korman? He seems to have a gift for offending people.
0:04:26 – Michael’s post in the Collaborative Piano group.
0:07:29 – Did Michael know it would piss people off? Does he think it stops them from hearing?
0:10:47 – Getting kicked out of other groups.
0:14:55 – Is it bad to get kicked out?
0:18:00 – When is it weird to kick people out of groups?
0:20:13 – Are you intentionally pissing people off for fun?
0:22:25 – What separates Michael from other piano teachers?
0:30:43 – When people misunderstand and change the subject.
0:36:52 – Having disagreements in good faith.
0:46:19 – Should people be getting along? Is conflict good or bad?
0:55:41 – When the mob constructs its own narrative. How and when to defend yourself.


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