The Art of Handling Hate: A Creator’s Manual

Here’s some content about boundaries. This stuff is SO IMPORTANT and you need it because you’re doing it WRONG. You should be thanking me and paying me so much money for doing all this work for YOU. But, luckily for you, I’m doing it even without thanks and even without money. All because I’m a whore with no boundaries. Like Jesus.

(btw, Piano Boot Camp is based on boundaries. I teach you how to set boundaries by doing it myself. It turns you into someone capable of learning piano from a piano teacher.)

You should check out my page on Influencing and Marketing, as well. It’s part of this but I don’t have time to merge them right now. It has a link to “Attack of the Piano Justice Warriors”, for example.

Why and how to set boundaries

Having boundaries makes it possible to show up and talk with those who disagree with you. Here’s a simple way to set a boundary:

“It’s my job, not yours, to ______.”

Boundaries are all about negotiation. They’re NOT about taking a hard stand. You’re showing up to the table with a clear sense of where your limits are.

When you heal yourself, you heal others.

Those who don’t have boundaries feel attacked and controlled by those who do. When you have boundaries, you teach others to make boundaries.

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come on
level up
I've invested a lot in you

I can't save you
from your feelings
I need to focus
on what I'm good at

start pulling your weight

you can do it
I believe in you


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