This email is writing itself.

Hey guys, what’s up?

This is an email I wanted to write to you all to let you know I’m sending an email right now.

“But Michael, why would you write us an email to let us know you’re sending an email right now?”

Good question, thanks for asking.

This email is part of a practice I’m doing.

The idea is that I’m trying to stop stopping. Just keep going. I had an idea to write an email and here it is. I don’t know what the email’s about, just that it exists.

My task is only to write the email.

“But Michael, what are you practicing?”

Glad you asked.

I’m practicing AWARENESS and EQUANIMITY.

Awareness of the impulses that arise, and equanimity towards the doubts and fears that stop me from doing things.

So, the email is coming into existence, as we speak, all on its own.

When will I stop typing? Not sure. But, I’ll wait for it to happen, all on its own.

These are the two skills taught in No Problem.


Oh look, the email is done.



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