This is the email subject you’ve been waiting for

Here’s a link to No Problem.

I’m going for a walk in a minute.

Just wanted to send an email, though.

“Michael, why would you send an email when you have nothing to talk about?”

Good question, thanks for asking. I’m sending the email because I want to get into the habit of sending emails whenever I think of sending emails.

On second thought, I might revise that. When would I like to send emails? Gotta figure this one out. But certainly every day. (Is everyday one or two words? Don’t know. Care. But don’t want to care).

Just don’t want it triggered by anxiety.

But as long as I’m typing this email, might as well sit with it.

You guys know what I have to offer and where to find it. (That’s not fully true, I’m sure. I’ve said very little about what I have to offer.)

ANYWAY…here’s another link to No Problem.



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