Weekly update for July 24, 2021

Here’s your weekly update on happenings from at Michael Korman Headquarters.

It’s a bit late, if you haven’t noticed.

Hope it makes your week.


I’m looking for people who are willing to have a conversation with me and answer some questions. It will take 30 minutes, and it will help me make things that will help more people. Please sign up if you are interested in helping me with this.

I’ve resumed the @katie.sula.exists posting.

Instagram Posts

Find these posts on my Instagram account (@no.michael.here).

  • Hi, I’m Michael. Here’s what I do.
  • You could write a book in a weekend.
  • Meditation masters vs. Meditation beginners
  • Why you don’t have enough MONEY
  • Hoping to get feedback, but no
  • STOP trying to feel GRATEFUL about money
  • Why I Never Watch Movies (and how to spend money in alignment with your values)
  • Welcome to @no.michael.here
  • You can’t force yourself to build HABITS
  • Empathizing with people who are yelling at you
  • 30-day challenge: bring value to 2 people
  • Empathy, whiny bitches
  • Don’t let your “friends” hold you hostage
  • Practice = Posture


You can find a bunch of my videos on YouTube. I try to upload the good ones. You might find that useful if, especially if you don’t have an Instagram account.

Facebook posts

“Please stop posting about everything great in your lives. You’re making the world worse.”

Blog post: Why You Don’t Have Enough Money and why you’re not letting yourself have enough

Those moments when you spend money are the ones that shape your attitude toward money.

Rather than “I have to spend this money”, it should be “I get to spend this money.”

Don’t spend to maintain your lifestyle. That’s feeding an addiction. Spend to make the world better. Give money to charity.

Don’t pay rent to avoid being homeless. Pay it because now you get to come inside and keep your stuff there for another month. (Read more)


I’m on Medium.

New podcast episode (Loneliness and Social Anxiety)

Is loneliness good or bad? Social anxiety. Could you survive on a desert island? Should white people be singing spirituals? Finding flow in your speaking (like Rush Limbaugh). Amplifying your singing and speaking voices. (Listen)

Work with me for free

I’m offering a limited number of free Discovery Sessions per week. This is your opportunity to work with me without paying anything. Sign up here

Pay to work with me

If there are no Discovery Sessions available this week, you can sign up for an Exploration Session. Sign up here

Getting Unstuck on Writing

An online workshop for writers (novelists, Instagram influencers, piano teachers, etc.) who get stuck. (Learn more)

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the weeks.

  • The biggest #NVC mistake people make is thinking that empathy means “getting confirmation from the other person that you understand them”, or even worse, “getting the other person to stop yelling at you.”
  • I’m in need of empathy and you whiny bitches are going to suffer until I figure out a way to get it.
  • I’m no longer open to talking to piano teachers about piano or singing teachers about singing. You guys are too entrenched in your views and have too much territory to defend.
  • Habits don’t happen because of repetition! But, repetition can help you discover what DOES make the habit happen. #habits

General themes in my Instagram stories

  • You could write a book in a weekend
  • Graveyard tour (from last fall)
  • Lies!!!
  • Don’t want to be a teacher
  • You can help me with market research
  • My final apology (from July 2020)
  • Why time goes by quickly
  • How to make an exercise habit
  • Why I’m not bad at feelings
  • Why mental illness is funny
  • Put your work out there!
  • Don’t call yourself a “coach”, Michael
  • My Facebook post about money sparked weird debates
  • I don’t think you should meditate/play the piano/be authentic/stop being a Victim.
  • Why I donated $1 to a meditation center
  • I don’t get why people hate Jeff Bezos
  • Empathy
  • The new season of the Michael and Katie reality show
  • How to handle shamers
  • Welcome to @no.michael.here
  • Katie’s dog Lorelei has been stalking me
  • Inspired by Jordan Peterson
  • No longer dating extroverts
  • Awakening sounds like fun until…
  • Love notes from Katie
  • I can criticize myself, too
  • I’m in a horrible mood because the only people who want to interact with me are those who hate me.
  • Why I’m different than most people who started doing yoga
  • Why people join mobs
  • If you think I’m sad and pathetic, don’t distance yourself
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Normal to be upset when you lose someone
  • Britney’s front and back
  • People calling me “rude” or “polite” as a kid
  • @cornflowerwoman posted some good stuff
  • Questions about my past

Have a good week.



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