Who Wins in a Fight: Meditators or Non-Meditators?

I could see this playing out a few different ways.

👉 The meditator has an advantage in terms of awareness and equanimity. The non-meditator is more likely to be tunnel-visioned and overly reactive.

👉 However, the meditator might be less likely to get into a fight. And, they might be more likely to avoid fighting back.

👉 On the other hand, meditators can be really obnoxious. I can see why someone would want to pick a fight with a meditator.

👉 The meditator might have higher pain tolerance. But, they might also be more sensitive.

Your guess is as good as mine.

That brings me to my next point…

If you haven’t yet signed up for No Problem, I’m wondering why.

Is the issue that you don’t want awareness and equanimity? (No Problem teaches awareness and equanimity)

If so, are you sure? You’re telling me you don’t struggle with anxiety, stress, perfectionism, motivation, depression, addictions, or fear of public speaking?

I mean…OK…

Or, maybe the issue is that you DO want awareness and equanimity, but you don’t feel it’s worth paying for it?

Are you sure not paying for it is without cost?

Have you calculated the cost of not paying? You know, the cost of living with anxiety or low motivation or stress or whatever? (Do the math and tell me what you come up with.)

Perhaps you already have awareness and equanimity and don’t need more.

If so, great! I want to hear about it. (Just reply to this email and let me know.)

Another possibility might be that you DO want awareness and equanimity, but you’ve found a cheaper or otherwise better place to get it.

I also want to hear about that. Thanks.

Maybe you don’t believe No Problem even provides awareness and equanimity.

Fair enough. But again, I want to know why you think that.

Finally, I was thinking maybe you DO want No Problem (at least in theory), but you don’t believe you have what it takes to finish a meditation course.

OK, but you should know that no one who’s bought it has told me they couldn’t finish it.

Instead, I’ve gotten messages like these:

  • “Never thought I’d be into meditation, but here I am.
  • “I actually liked this more than I expected to. It was a good meditation for people who are slightly weirded out by meditation, if that makes sense.”
  • “You have an inclusive and unique perspective on meditation, and a method that creates an environment with a concrete reason for practicing. My days of “this is a waste of my time” are gone. Getting rid of the idea that meditation only counted if I was perfectly present made this possible for me and I am curious to see where my practice takes me.”

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