Why no one took my blog seriously

At the height of my blogging frustration, I realized what I was doing wrong: I was trying to please the piano teachers, the people who were attached to the status quo and invested in hating my ideas.

I had started writing a blog about piano playing because I wanted to position myself as an expert on piano and get my ideas out there. However, it didn’t get me any status or make me any money. Instead, it got ridiculed by the piano teaching community.

I discovered that I should be studying marketing: learning how to present my ideas to the people who desperately need them, NOT trying to get the approval of the establishment.

See, when people are in pain, they don’t care about your degrees or qualifications. They don’t care about scientific proof. They only care about their pain. They listen to those who understand their pain and who are offering a way forward, and they’ll pay for that.

Now, I no longer try to please the gatekeepers. Instead, I try to dig deeper and find peoples’ pain, and then speak directly to that.

This is liberating because it allows me to explore my true interests and expertise. There’s no more imposter syndrome because there’s no need to prove anything.


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