Why Technique vs. Interpretation is the WRONG debate

Had another heated debate on one of the piano Facebook groups.

Let me re-assert my points here:

There’s NO difference between technique and interpretation. The sound that comes out of the piano is a direct result of what you put into.

“But Michael, you’re wrong. Interpretation is the abstract ideas in your head.”

Your nervous system doesn’t know what “abstract ideas” are. Those are just words. Get out of your head, and sync up your body with the music. Otherwise, you’re just confusing yourself.

The instant you touch the piano, whatever’s in your head is now going into the piano.

This makes your life SO MUCH easier. You can stop worrying when your interpretation isn’t happening. That’s cuz it IS happening (like it or not).

Take a load off your shoulders.

“But Michael, are you saying I should quit if it’s not working?”

No, I didn’t say you should quit. But, you should stop TRYING.

Why continue trying when it’s not working?

“But Michael, it would be shameful to stop trying.”

Why would you want it to be shameful? It’s music we’re talking about. Music is supposed to be fulfilling and joyful, not shameful. I always fall short of the best results I can imagine. That’s because I have an active imagination.


P.S. If you want to get started with piano the Korman way (KorMusic), check out Mindful Piano Basics.


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