You don’t need a qualified teacher

Your teacher does not have to be qualified AS LONG AS you are following their advice in order to expand your behavioral repertoire, rather than to find safety.

If you’re doing that, you could literally learn from anyone.

Someone once gave me advice and I thought, “I’m not sure if they’re qualified…I’d hate to follow bad advice.”

Then, I noticed I had a fear of following the advice which was independent of my doubts about their qualifications. The doubts were trying to protect me, but they were unnecessary. Following the advice did not mean I had to become a “student” of this person, or subscribe to their whole worldview.

I was free to take what I needed and ignore the rest.

I realized I would benefit from being able to do what they recommended. At the moment, I couldn’t do it, because I was uncomfortable trying. I knew that if I got comfortable doing that thing, I’d have more power than I did currently.

“But Michael, isn’t it the case that we sometimes follow bad advice for years and don’t realize it until it’s too late?”

Yes, this is why you should apply the above test. Advice that you follow for years is followed because you feel safe trusting someone to guide you. If that’s what we’re dealing with, sure, you should make sure the person is trustworthy.

But, don’t let yourself miss an opportunity to learn from less-qualified people. Your fears can be great teachers.


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