I have nothing against philosophy, but I want to go deeper

Meditation is the way to understand yourself on a deep level.

Not abstract philosophy, not empty intellectualization.

I’m just sitting here typing this, hearing police sirens, children screaming, and birds chirping.

That’s what’s going on for me right now.


These stimuli provoke reactions in me. Where are the reactions? In my head? That’s what you’ve been taught to think, I’m sure.

But, where are they?

Who knows?

They’re just there.



I don’t have to figure it out. I can sit here and let the whole drama play out with or without my participation. I can just watch it happen, or not watch it happen.

This is how you gain wisdom and untangle knots.

It’s a skill, not some feel-good Instagram meme.

You must practice it.

It’s hard and it should be unpleasant at times. If it’s never unpleasant, you’re certainly doing it wrong. Get it?


Ready to do more? That’s where No Problem comes in. It’s level 1 of the KorMeditation approach to meditation.



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