I may seem normal now, but I used to be weird.

When I was in high school, I attracted some interesting attention.

My best friend and I liked to talk about science. He was loud. 💣

One day, we were chatting about nuclear bombs during lunch. You know, the usual stuff: how they work, how to build them, etc.

The vice-principal approached us and began his investigation.

I’ve got lots of stories like that.

(no one will like this story. it seems random and weird. people will think I’m just trying to get attention. yes motherfuckers I’m trying to get attention.)


(Michael, you’re getting desperate. this is just a cry for help. yep, it’s a cry for help.)

I want you to HELP ME.

(can’t you just stop telling this story and go be normal? no, that would be acting out of fear.)

(is this really going to help sell anything? i don’t know, but it’s gotten me this far. i don’t think it’s wise to abruptly change course right now. keep riding the wave and see where it takes me)

Anyway…what was I saying?

Oh, yes, I have a long list of stories about how I have attracted suspicion from authority figures.

I guess I’m weird.


Fine, I’m weird.

You know, there are lots of people who can’t stand being weird. I used to be like that, in fact. I tried desperately to hide my weirdness.

It’s not a good idea. Don’t go there. (but yeah, it’s tempting)

A better approach is to ACCEPT your weirdness. Minds are weird. There’s nothing you can do about that.

Meditation will teach you how to accept the weird things that your mind does. It will help you be yourself. (it’s hard to accept the weird things your mind does)

Don’t you want to be yourself? (no, of course you don’t. society has taught you to hate yourself. we call this “low self-esteem” and treat it like it’s a disease.)

[This course] will teach you how to accept yourself.


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