Why are all chairs so low?

The chair I'm sitting in is too low. Most chairs are too low for me. I don't get why they only make low chairs.

It's a problem everywhere I go. When I'm playing the piano, at Starbucks, at my desk, etc etc etc.

“But Michael, why don't you just get a chair you like?”

Hey, it took me a whole year to get a $5 mouse pad! Sometimes, I prefer to complain.

Eventually, I'll get frustrated enough and something will change. Just wait and see.


I know you're curious about meditation. You've probably tried it and struggled with it and gotten confused by it.

Have you asked yourself why?

You should be able to do this.

But not if you're only interested in “mental health” or “de-stressing” or “calming down” or “self-care”.

Nothing wrong with those, but you don't need meditation for that. Probably better to go for a walk or have a drink or whatever.

Meditation is for when you know something is deeply wrong with you, and you want a technique that will help you untangle that. It's not to be taken lightly.

It's like journaling on steroids.

But, you have to do it the right way. There are so many confusing messages out there about how meditation works, it's no wonder you've had a hard time with it.

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See you there.



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  1. Dave K Avatar
    Dave K

    I’m with you on this totally. I go to the hospital to play the baby grand they have there, the bench is too low for me. My bench is too low at home so I put a 2″ pad on top, but then I have to rest my feet and pedal on books or they are too low. I have a Korg elec piano and I could just cut some off the legs.

    1. So annoying. Life isn’t easy for pianists.

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