What I Offer and Why

I play piano.

I need money so that’s why I teach piano. If you already-kinda-sorta play piano and you’d like to work together 1-1 (online), check out Piano Boot Camp. You might also be interested in the $5 Piano Lesson, my e-book Take Yourself Seriously, or The 2nd-Best Moonlight Sonata Tutorial EVER. Those things cost money, but I also have a free course called Learn Piano in 5 Days, which is a “lead magnet” (a trick to get you to sign up for my email list) masquerading as a course. Still useful, though.

My way of playing piano is based on meditation, so why the hell not talk about meditation? If you want to get into meditation, I have an online, self-paced course called No Problem. I also offer two individual guided meditations: Meditation Lesson One and the Guided Anti-Lobster Meditation for Stress and Anxiety (for those who LOVE my voice). I have, at times, offered a meditation group on Zoom. It’ll probably come back someday.

The same principles also apply to other skills I’ve learned, such as drawing and calligraphy and marketing, so that’s why I talk about those. If you want to get into drawing, check out Just Draw It. If you’re a writer (I’ll let you define that term), I have a prerecorded workshop called Getting Unstuck on Writing.

If you meditate while moving your body, it’s called “yoga”, so that’s why I talk about that. Nothing for sale here, but I have a yoga video. It’s a demonstration of KormanYoga, the school of yoga I founded and authorized myself as the sole teacher of.

Meditation also makes you question who “you” are, so that’s why I talk about psychological concepts like boundaries. Check out the prerecorded workshops Anti-Perfectionism for Creators and Understanding Your Deeper Layers. If you feel guilty all the time, I have a lesson called Guilt Quest. I forget what it’s about, but it’s gotta be good. If you’re a musician, not-you is why I made No Musician Here.

I have a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, an Instagram account, and a TikTok account. Instagram is the best place to reach me.

If you want to schedule a single coaching session with me, that’s a thing. It’s called an Exploration Session.

Oh, and if you trust me enough to give me money without any clue what you’ll get in return, check out the Big Surprise.


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